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It`s All Around Us | Seoul Photographer

I walked around the Seongsu area and eventually made my way to Ttukseom Resort station, with the intent of only shooting lines, textures and patterns. It`s easy to walk around Seoul aimlessly for hours so I was happy to take up the challenge for 3 – 4 hours.


As a photographer, it`s difficult to walk around and shoot street stuff with an objective. The simple reason being, you never know what you`re going to see or experience. For me, street photography is very rewarding in terms of feeling connected. There are things happening around us constantly. One thing is influencing another, and in the middle of all of that, there are people. I could seriously “people-watch” all day long. In fact, that`s exactly what I do on some days. Here in Seoul (or South Korea for that matter) you`re able to buy a beer at a convenience store, pull up a chair outside on the sidewalk and watch people passing by. Sit in an interesting enough location and you`ll certainly have enough opportunities to see just how many objects are interacting with people without their knowledge. This is often in the form of shapes, lines, colours, shadows, public advertisements and/or other people.  

“…….. One thing is influencing another, and in the middle of all of that, there are people”

Being able to see everything at play is something special. It`s refreshing in a way because I feel like I`m learning from people. They`re presenting the environment and showing it for what it is or what it could be, with a bit of imagination of course.

“……. Lines are attractive”

So why photograph lines and patterns? Lines are attractive. Depending on the type of lines, they have unique qualities and definitely add character and dimension to an image. They create a sense of movement and can also help direct attention to your subject. Curves are great to express a sense of rhythm that may be pleasing to the eye. Why even embark on this endeavor or objective? I find solace in knowing that this exercise trains my eye and mind in being better prepared to make more captivating photographs in other genres of photography. Particularly portraiture. You never know when you`ll be bestowed with a beautiful human being, and the only way to honor that experience is to make use of compositional skills you`ve acquired through dedicated photographic study. Training for raining as they say.

I hope you enjoy the next few images. Thanks for stopping by.

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