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Sunday Morning Exodus | Seoul Photographer

What to do? I asked myself that question at least 10 times before rolling over in my bed and checking the time. Today definitely didn`t start like any other Sunday morning. I found myself wide awake at 5h30 and itching to do something. The itch was under my feet. Not the kind of itch that inspires a jog. I`m not that guy. I just felt like going somewhere. Exploring, feeling some kind of excitement. The kind of excitement and freedom I used to feel when I first started using a camera.

Allow me to clarify that last statement. I still, without a doubt, enjoy photography. It breathes life into me like nothing else. But these days I`ve been reflecting on what it means to allow yourself to slow down, explore and feel joy in creating for the sake of creating. So that`s what I set out to do this morning. It`s been a while since I got into a train with no destination in mind, thus making it a pleasure to leave Seoul for a few hours. Feeling a sling bag bouncing on your hip as you walk down a quiet street. Hands slightly cold as you dialing in and checking your camera exposure. Feeling energetic as a cold autumn`s wind blankets your face while actually being able to hear your own footsteps as you walk down the street. The added bonus – not having a clear idea of where you`re going.

Along the way I decided to spend my early Sunday morning on numerous trains heading to Chuncheon. Chuncheon is the capital city of Gangwon Province in South Korea. It`s rewarding having the freedom to get off one train, explore and shoot a bit, then jump on the next train. I`m certainly looking forward to doing this again in the near future. Now that the talking is done for now.

Let`s start with a map…


06:33 started like this


And we`re transferring at Nowon subway station.


Transferring once again. This time it`s Sangbong subway station.


Time to go.


Time for fresh air.


Hello Chuncheon.


Coffee time.


Home time.


Now we`re…..

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See you soon