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Minsoo and Ashley | Seoul Photographer

I`d like to share a few of my favourite photographs from a recent shoot I did with this lovely couple. 

I usually ask my clients if they`re fine with me sharing their images online as many people have varying opinions regarding having their moments floating around the web. I`d like to think of shoot as just a shoot, but I often think that it shouldn`t be reduced to something that simple. If allowed, I`m given the opportunity to document something special and intimate between a couple or family. I`m allowed to witness their interactions, their vulnerabilities and the way they show affection towards each other. I really do think of it as a gift. I don`t know them and they don`t know me either. I try my utmost to close that gap as much as possible before the shoot because it gives way to more authentic moments. As a photographer, you`re given the gift of trust.

I`ve been reflecting on this process or exchange a lot recently. It`s a wonderful experience.  

Why did I bring this up? Because special moments aren`t always meant to be shared for the whole world to see. However, sometimes we get to see fragments of what we could imagine were beautiful moments. 

Minsoo and Ashley were beautiful people. 

Seoul photographer 4
Seoul photographer 1
Seoul photographer 2
Seoul photographer 3
Seoul photographer 5
Seoul photographer 7