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Eva & Kwangseob - Prewedding | Seoul Photographer

So I`ve decided to start a blog in order to share my images. I thought perhaps it`s high time I accompany my images with some text, even though I`m a firm believer that if your images aren`t able to tell the story by themselves, you haven`t captured them well enough. Be that as it may, here I am. I should probably add a disclaimer stating upfront that I am by no means skilled in the art of writing. Living in South Korea for the last 4 years has had a humorously devastating impact on my English and if you`re hoping for good writing, you can go ahead and close this tab now because you`ve stumbled into the wrong place. If you`re hoping to find some beautiful images of authentic moments of warmth in light and shadows, feel free to keep visiting.

Onto the couple now...

I met Eva through a group of friends some 3 years ago but only briefly. In that time, I was able to surmise that she`s quite a nice person but also definitely knows what she wants. We`ve crossed paths occasionally via social media since then but nothing too serious. She likes what I post on Instagram so she knew what I was all about as a photographer. She was in need of a photographer for pre-wedding photographs. I quickly agreed and sat down for dinner with both her and Kwangseob. His English was a bit limited so I immediately knew communicating effectively was going to be somewhat of a problem and would need to explore other avenues of getting to know who he is in order to facilitate moments between them. I wasn`t going to let a language barrier stand in the way of creating beautiful images. I`ve lived in Seoul for almost 4 years now and I`ve interacted with enough Korean couples to know which buttons to press to evoke which response. Kwangseob was easygoing enough to have fun with the shoot despite the language barrier.  

We went with an indoor studio as opposed to doing something outdoors because of what they were hoping to use the images for and also due to the horrendous Seoul sky during the months of July and August this year. Seoul had an unusually hot summer and it resulted in the sky being horrible due to the pollution and heat combined.

Upon the arrival of the lovebirds, I knew the afternoon was going to be interesting judging by the smiles on their faces and the notable rhythmic nature of their steps which indicated there was a sweetness in their demeanor. The following few images were the result of an afternoon of fun.


If you`re reading this, it means you`ve successfully made it to the end. I sincerely hope you liked what you saw.

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Enjoy the rest of your day and see you soon :)