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Engagement & Wedding of Marta and Julio | Seoul Photographer


Engagement in Seoul

I was contacted by this wonderful couple a few months ago for an Engagement session. Julio was very specific with the requirements such as mood, type of posing and time duration. Even better was the fact that they were also open to suggestions from the photographer (yours truly). It very quickly turned into a collaborative effort when I met with Marta and Julio in person to plan everything over a coffee together. We decided exactly where we`d be shooting in Seoul and at what particular time. Our communication and energy was great. It set the tone for the shoot nicely.

In case you`re wondering why I combined the two events in one post, I was sworn to secrecy as the couple had not yet informed friends and family of their plans at this point. Living abroad has it`s challenges and both Marta and Julio honour their relationships with friends and family very deeply(locally and back home). They first had to consider how they would personally inform close family and friends, as opposed to having everyone find out via social media. I like that. I like that a lot.

It doesn`t mean that I haven`t been itching to share these for a few months now, haha. I knew I was happy with what I saw at the back of my camera on the day of the session.

Cherry Blossom season

Moving to the next location

And that`s a wrap... :) 

Wedding Reception in Seoul

Fast forward to a few months later, and we find ourselves at a very small and intimate wedding reception. Planning was a lot easier and straightforward as I understood Marta and Julio a bit better after having spent time together making engagement photographs. The reception was held at the home of the European Union Ambassador`s residence. A typical Seoul summer`s night made for a pleasant outdoor reception. The atmosphere was wonderful. Close friends and work colleagues made the beautiful couple feel special and everyone had a good time. I had a great time meeting Marta`s parents who flew to Seoul for the special day. The couple`s friends were wonderful people too and that made photographing everyone all the more easier.

 Congratulations on your union, Marta and Julio. Enjoy this new journey together.

Here`s their story…

A preparty toast...

A proud father and his daughter... 

The Ambassador saying a few words.

One of my favourites.

Here`s my second favourite. A playful moment during the cutting of the cake and dad watching over.