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Bangkok, Thailand 2019 | Travel Photographer

Where do I even begin? I could start by saying that I fully understand why people become addicted to travelling. I acknowledge it`s therapeutic qualities wholeheartedly. I`ll go further in saying (and confirming) that travelling changes a few things in you if you`re willing to open yourself up to these opportunities of growth. More on this later.

Before I run the risk of sounding like Paulo Coelho or a guest motivational speaker at a TED convention, allow me to clarify. I`m generally a somewhat anxious person and living in Seoul - South Korea has only added to my anxiety due to the busy day to day living in this dynamic city. 2018 was brutal to say the very least, and I felt that I needed to flip the reset switch. It was the first time in my life that I was privileged enough to have almost four weeks of vacation. I decided to travel to the city of Bangkok and a few other regions around Indonesia. I`ve never been to either of these countries before, but they`ve always come highly recommended. I went with a good friend of mine who is well travelled and frequents Bangkok(at least once a year) and has also been to Indonesia before. We`re both photographers and have a lot in common regarding what we would like to see and do while travelling.

The days leading up to my departure were too busy for me to feel any excitement. That quickly changed as soon as I realised I moved from -10degrees to 24 degrees within 6 hours and 7 minutes. Suvarnabhumi Airport is an excellent primer for what to expect of Bangkok city - lots of people everywhere(incredibly hospitable and relaxed), heat, great food, vibrant colours and more great food.

I don`t do beaches well because I grow bored of it very quickly, so I didn`t visit any of Thailands plethora of excellent shorelines. I`ll undoubtedly explore it in future. Instead, this time around was intended towards exploring the city streets, making lots of photographs and getting a feel for the place. Bangkok was a great city to get "lost" in for a few hours a day. I stayed at a guesthouse in the district of Siam. It`s a buzzing neighbourhood, and if you`re into shopping, cool cafes, fresh fruit sold on many street corners and overall attractive streets, this might be a region to check out.

A day of exploring started with breakfast at the guesthouse, grabbing a camera from my room afterwards and then heading out for a late morning Chai Tea(sometimes including a Cinnabon). We then explored till about just before sunset. Sunset usually called for cold beers and deciding what great food was for dinner(sunset in Indonesia was a lot different, and I`ll explain more in my next post).

Returning to opportunities for growth. As a photographer I`m always learning new things. I`m tremendously grateful for this. This trip was no different. Being "switched on" for 6-8 hours a day was mentally exhausting. The hunt for photographs or interesting moments and scenes pushes you as a photographer in many ways. You learn how to have a relationship with your camera, how to "see", when to allow photographs to "escape", when to put the camera down to be present in the moment and finally, how to pace yourself.

As a person, travelling shows you how to be considerate(I hope). I live as an expat in a foreign country, so I already understand that every culture has a different way of doing things and that it is what it is. It was refreshing to be reminded of that once I arrived in Bangkok. I guess I`ve rambled enough.

I`m incredibly appreciative of all the wonderful experiences this beautiful city has provided me. Bangkok, I`m not even close to being done with you. See you in the near future.


Bangkok city


Next stop, Indonesia…