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Indonesia, 2019 (part 2) | South Korea Travel Photographer

Thanks for joining me in part 2 of my trip to Indonesia. I thought of how I'd present this and to what extent I'd use words to describe my experience. Travel photography is often accompanied by words. It helps with context, provides an opportunity to feel part of the journey and to feel inspired ultimately. But words also add noise and, depending on how it's used, reveals too much before the images have a chance to take centre stage.

Having said this, I chose to keep the words to a minimum. I mentioned a few of my fondest memories in the previous post, and I'll wrap that up briefly.

Hearing thunderstorms rumble in the distance, having the opportunity to smoke cigars with my travel buddy at the pool around midnight while it rained on my feet was where the magic started. The weather created a beautiful mental state for me.

We went Island hopping, and I've never seen the water hold a blue hue like that before. It was absolutely surreal. I had to put my camera away and just sit and stare at it a bit. Absolute freedom comes to mind when I recall these moments.

Almost equally as impressive were the sunsets I was able to witness. The tide would retreat for a few kilometres, and we'd be able to have this area behind our hotel to ourselves for about 1-2 hours at sunset. This, of course, was followed by dinner with a cold beverage while we reviewed our day.

We also managed to grab a few sunsets from the top of our hotel back in Jakarta.

We were able to spend Chinese Lunar New Year in Jakarta. THAT was quite intense. There were people everywhere. People were lighting candles, praying, chanting and releasing birds as a sign of good luck. It all happened at once. It was difficult capturing everything.

Finally, we were able to spend quite a bit of time with friends from Jakarta whom we've met in South Korea. They attended the photography group in Seoul. This was a fantastic opportunity to see them in their personal space to become even closer friends.


Rika`s family on the front porch.

Rika`s daughter, Tanya.

I'd like to thank all the people who made this trip absolutely amazing: Glenn, Rika, Haeri, Tanya, Anggi, Rika's family and all the other beautiful strangers I met along the way.


Here are some more photographs I`d like to share from Indonesia. What a trip it was! I'm looking forward to Indonesia again next year.

See you next time!

Typical sight in Indonesia.

The largest Mosque in Indonesia.

Inside the largest Mosque in Indonesia.

Outside the largest Mosque in Indonesia.