Marco Devon




Escape | Seoul Photographer


I recently managed to get out of the city for a few hours with a friend and fellow photographer. I enjoy living in Seoul. South Korea prides Seoul as being very convenient and also very entertaining, but it gets a bit much from time to time. The constant hum, the haze filled skies, the pace and seeing people everywhere is sometimes exhausting. Don`t get me wrong, I understand these are normal things that are present in any metropolis and I don`t mind it. The reset switch just needed to be flipped and I needed a chance to reconnect with myself. This escape was certainly overdue.

Our destination, Jebu Island, is located on the west coast of South Korea, near Hwaseong.                                                                                                                                 

Here are a few photographs I made along the way and on the island.



Thanks for having a look. These trips will hopefully happen a lot more regularly in future. Let`s see what happens :)

See you soon!