An Afternoon With Hyemin | Seoul Photographer

It`s a sunny afternoon and the winter sunlight is great, especially in Seoul. It`s beautiful and believe it or not, you`re able to make portraits at midday because the light isn`t that harsh. I thought I`d use most of the shoot to explore the rays entering this studio.

This session was fairly chilled enough for me to be open to the idea of using three cameras. I`ve never used more than one camera in a shoot before as there simply isn`t enough time to get used to more than one.  I considered it this time round because this shoot served as a model test in a way, thus I had an environment to try photographically whatever I wanted.

I`ve never made portraits such as these using a film camera(Nikon FM) and another rangefinder style mirrorless camera(Fujifilm X100T) before. I was curious to see how it would turn out and how it would affect the mood of the photographs. I also utilized an off camera flash(SB 800) and softbox which turned out to be a fun experiment.

Enough words for now…

Shot using a Fujifilm X100T

Ektar 100 film

Nikon FM

Shot using a Fujifilm X100T

Thanks for checking this out. See you soon!