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Graduation of Kyle | Seoul Photographer

It was a beautiful sunny Friday morning and Sungkyunkwan University was bustling with energy as everyone prepared for the graduation ceremony. Parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family everywhere.

It`s been a while since I`ve had the opportunity to experience a graduation. I graduated a while back but the ceremony wasn`t as grand as this one. Graduation is a huge deal in South Korea. It`s up there with getting married, having your first child and possibly funerals.

Kyle reached out to me as he needed photographs to document this momentous occasion because he was unable to celebrate it with his parents who reside in the States. His aunt and uncle were kind and supportive enough to join him, though. I don`t have a masters degree but I`m pretty sure it is a lot of hard work and sacrifice. That stuck in my mind has I set out to create photographs of Kyle. I definitely aimed to capture a sense of relief and achievement in Kyle`s demeanour. It certainly wasn`t difficult to capture, because it was in fact what he was feeling.

My only mission – find an empty space amongst thousands of people to engage with Kyle and present him in the best way I can for his family back home.

Here are the results.

Thank you for having a look. I just thought I really had to blog about this assignment. It was a great day indeed. 

See you soon.