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Hong Kong In 48 Hours

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I`ve always wanted to explore Hong Kong since I was a child. I finally had such an opportunity. We all remember seeing Frank Dux`s face light up when he arrived in Hong Kong for the first time in the movie Bloodsport. Whenever I thought about the city of Hong Kong, there would be a slew of adjectives that would come to mind - energetic, crowded and bustling to name just a few.

In a city of 7.4 million people of various nationalities only occupying 1,104 km², it`s not surprising that it is the 4th most densely populated place on the planet. This means it`s a playground for street photography.

I departed Incheon airport in Seoul at 22:20pm on Friday evening and returned on Monday morning at 11:50am. I planned well in advance because I only had 48 hours of actual shooting time so there wasn`t time to waste. I knew what I wanted experience but left enough room for surprises too. Day 2 turned out particularly surprising. 

Regarding gear, I packed as light as I could while trying to make sure I had what I needed for various environments. Here`s what I carried with me:

Fujifilm X-T2, xf23mm f2, xf16mm f1.4, xf50mm f2, Peak Design Capture Pro, Peak Design SlideLITE, Sirui T-025X tripod, NiSi PRO Nano IRND filter, Sony noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones(only occasionally used as I wanted to hear the sounds of the environment in order to remember it), two 64GB SDcards(backup 32GB card), book by David DuChemin - The Soul of the Camera(used to mentally prepare for the day)

Hong Kong Day 1


Hong Kong Day 2


Thank you for taking the time to have a look through what I saw and experienced during my short visit to Hong Kong. I enjoy cinema and thus kept the images somewhat cinematic in nature. I thought cinematic Hong Kong would be interesting.