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Autumn in South Korea | Seoul Photographer

Autumn is well under way in South Korea. With all the negativity surrounding South Korean politics at the moment with regards to President Park Geun-hye, I thought I`d share some beauty from this beautiful peninsula. These were taken a few days ago here in Seoul.

I haven`t been to palaces in a while as I`ve just been too busy to take time and appreciate its beauty. It`s usually fairly full during the best seasons. The best seasons are spring and fall. The weather is pleasant and the foliage is absolutely gorgeous.

These were taken at Changdeokgung Palace. It`s arguably the more aesthetically pleasing of all the palaces here in Seoul. It`s big enough to spend a fair bit of time wondering around. It has an interesting history too and you`re welcome to read up about it here.

If you`re looking for a photographer for a family, couple or portrait shoot - I`m more than willing to assist. I haven`t shot here nearly enough as I would have liked by now. Feel free to contact me here for a booking.

As mentioned earlier, here are some photographs made a few days ago.

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