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An Evening With Viktoriia | Seoul Photographer

I was out shooting images and drinking one night. Many beers and some neat Ukrainian vodka later, I made my way home. I walked home and found myself in a very colourful street lit with neons everywhere. I still don`t know where the street is but remember the neons like it was yesterday. I then knew I had to make something of it.

I live in a very colourful city. Seoul really lights up at night and I really wanted to take advantage of that and create something from it. You`re inundated with artificial light in Seoul and as a photographer, you`ve got to go out and shoot it.

That was part of the motivation for going out and making photographs with this wonderful young lady. Vik is easy to work with and feels the vibe of the process with you. Really enjoy this type of model/photographer relationship.

Thank you for the lighting, Seoul city. Let`s do it again sometime.

Thanks for visiting. 

See you again soon.